An essential step in creating your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic plan is to choose and work out the right actions to help you reach your goals.

DEI actions are often a mix of quick wins to help keep the momentum going and more complex actions that facilitate a long-term change process.

There are four action pillars:

Which actions make the most sense to your organization depends on how far you have already come in your DEI journey. Most organizations must work on all four pillars with a mix of actions. 

PILLAR 1: Groundwork.

To successfully work on diversity, equity, and inclusion, you first need to create a framework and the conditions to set actions up for success.

Actions to create these conditions are related to:

PILLAR 2: Talent acquisition.

When organizations are looking to increase employee diversity, the first step is to look at talent acquisition practices. For example, how can you attract and hire employees with backgrounds and experiences that differ from those you already have?

We have gathered a selection of actions in two domains:

Pillar 3: Talent Development.

Diving into DEI and talent development provides chances to highlight human potential, the core of each organization’s success.

‘Majority employees’ are unconsciously privileged in talent development practices. Fairness in talent management is quickly forgotten when business thrives but becomes essential when struggles appear.

Working on equal professional development chances and removing barriers for underrepresented employees creates an environment where everyone can grow and thrive. Every employee is supported to further their career.

Let’s look into:

Pillar 4: Building an Inclusive Culture.

Get DEI principles integrated into the mindset and behavior of employees and leaders to create and carry a culture of inclusion and become active DEI champions.

We have gathered best practices for: