Diversity, equity and inclusion for building better tech companies.

Building the business case.

You know that diversity, equity and inclusion are issues waiting to be solved at your company. But how do you convince the board?

We offer you compelling facts and arguments to persuade every last boardroom member.

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Bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion into effective action.

Now that everyone is on the same page: how will you go about changing the status quo? Where do you start?

Luckily, there are a lot of tools out there to help you. And other companies like yours already have experience bringing more diversity and inclusion to the work floor.

We show you where to find practical tools and give you insights from tried-and-tested approaches.

Learn from companies like yours.

Tools and insights will already help you a great deal. But talking to peers and exchanging experiences will help you accomplish even better work faster.

And if you’re a reader, we kindly invite you to join our diversity and inclusion book club.

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Have your say.

Do you still have a question about diversity, equity and inclusion for which you don’t find the answer?

Let us know. We may be of help.

Sharing a mutual diversity vocabulary.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have become ‘hot words.’ Many people throw those words around without really knowing what they mean.

If we want to have the same conversation when discussing sensitive topics, we must understand the exact meaning of our words. You do want to know if you are still being polite, don’t you? That is where this ‘diversity dictionary’ comes in handy.