Where to start with diversity, equity, and inclusion at work.

Four steps to start or grow a diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative.

Building an inclusive workplace can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. That is why we offer you a DEI roadmap: simply follow a few steps, find out where your company stands, and make meaningful progress with an inclusive culture.  

Is your leadership committed?

Change in your organization is unlikely to happen if your board of directors and senior executives aren’t with you on the topic. This first step is crucial: only leadership commitment will ensure meaningful progress.

Perform a DEI scan and find out where you’re at.

You must accurately view your organization’s current diversity, equity, and employee engagement. Only then will you know precisely what will have a positive impact.

Develop a strategic plan.

Working on DEI should be done in a structured way, with a short- and long-term plan. Ensure you include the correct elements to build an inclusive workplace culture.

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What are some DEI activities?

Choose and work out the appropriate DEI actions to help you reach your diversity goals. Effective action plans offer a wide range of quick wins to help keep the momentum going and more complex activities that facilitate a long-term change process.

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Learn from companies like yours.

Tools and insights will already help you a great deal. But talking to peers and exchanging experiences will help you accomplish even better work faster.

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Have your say.

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Sharing a mutual diversity vocabulary.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have become ‘hot words.’ Many people throw those words around without really knowing what they mean.

If we want to have the same conversation when discussing sensitive topics, we must understand the exact meaning of our words. You do want to know if you are still being polite, don’t you? That is where this ‘diversity dictionary’ comes in handy.