Bringing diversity and inclusion into effective action

Effectively start making your company culture diverse and inclusive, while making sure it stays that way.

Almost every company strives to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. But that is easier said than done. Where do you start? And once you have, where do you go looking for inspiration? Look no further.
Below, you will find roadmaps helping you identify exactly where your company is on its DEI journey.
We will show you the way to tips, how-tos, and tools. And stories of other companies who were once where you are now but have progressed since.


Use a roadmap.

Where exactly does your company stand regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion? Use a roadmap. Determine where you are. And learn how to take it from there. With the help of a roadmap suited to your company’s size and needs.

More roadmaps? You’ll find them here.

Tips and how-tos.

How to improve diversity and inclusion within your company hands-on and step-by-step.

More tips and how-tos? You’ll find them here.

All the diversity tools you need.


Tools for non-biased job applications.

Pronunciation guides for names.
Tools to help you Make exciting and unbiased content: from job descriptions to company movies.

More writing tools? You’ll find them here.

Tools and guides to filter out biases in data.

Learning tools.