Creating a strategic plan.

At this point, you have your top leadership’s blessing to work on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the necessary insights into your organization’s “as is” situation. It is time to use your knowledge to create a strategic DEI plan.

The need for strategy


Working on DEI in a structured way, with a short- and long-term plan, will help you avoid three pitfalls:

  1. Set up one-off DEI actions that do not initiate sustainable change.
  2. Allow DEI work to only focus on specific target groups in response to diversity-related issues instead of proactively working on an inclusive culture for all.
  3. Consider DEI a nice-to-have and not approach it as any other top business priority.

When it comes to DEI work, expectations are often high. Many people believe creating awareness is all we need to make a change. They do not expect a long-term process to change individual behavior and organizational culture.

That is why one-off actions will initially receive good feedback and support. When it becomes clear more is needed, DEI loses momentum as fatigue and resistance grow.

Be honest about the organization’s readiness to start DEI work. If your organization is not there yet, be transparent about what is needed before you can go into action. Keep employees informed about doing a DEI scan and building your strategy and why it is essential not to rush these processes. Ask leaders to amplify these messages.

The strategic plan will guide you to work on DEI in the upcoming years.

Strategic plan elements.

Finalize & validate

Become a DEI expert.

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