Facilitating top leadership commitment.

Before you start any considerable change process in your organization, you should know where your leadership stands on the topic and how likely they are to support the changes you want to implement.

Facilitating more diversity, creating equity in policies and practices, and building an inclusive culture requires many simultaneous change processes. Leadership commitment is a crucial success factor. That means getting the most senior level of your organization on board from the start. Later in the process, middle and lower management and people leaders will be essential in embedding the changes further.

Pay attention to language and vocabulary throughout your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion journey. Many terms may be unfamiliar. Do not hesitate to discuss the meaning of words together with your team. Decide on a common language to talk about DEI, sculpt this journey, and make sure it suits your organization. Find inspiration in the glossary.



Leadership can mean a few things, depending on how your organization is structured. Who is at the most senior level in your organization?

  • C-level or C-suite (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CHRO)
  • Board of directors
  • Top management
  • Senior executives

Have you heard top leadership talk about DEI before? Have you had conversations with them about DEI in your organization? Could any of them, preferably the CEO, be willing to act as an executive sponsor to the DEI team?

Start the conversation! Are you not at the right level to directly contact top leadership? Look for allies at higher levels of the organization to help you reach out and investigate the top leadership’s commitment.


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